Degree Apprenticeships

Gain experience in the workplace while you earn your degree

Looking for a new way to learn? Degree apprenticeships offer students the opportunity to learn on the job while they earn their Honours degree. They're a minimum three-year programme that help students to grow practical technology expertise with project management, interpersonal and business skills.

They can help you kick-start your position in the jobs market by earning the relevant experience that leading employers are looking for, meaning you're fully equipped with the academic knowledge and work experience needed to get ahead when you graduate.

Students taking degree apprenticeships are fully employed, earning a full training salary for the duration of their course.

Why degree apprenticeships?

  • Earn a salary while you learn in the workplace
  • Gain a full honours degree at the same time
  • Work for a leading employer or a dynamic growing business
  • No student fees to pay

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The Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship

Through Tech Partnership Degrees, a number of leading employers have collaborated to design and offer the Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship. They include well-known brands, such as BT, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Lloyds Banking Group.

As a degree apprentice on the programme, you’ll be apprenticed to an employer and will study for a BSc (Hons) in Digital & Technology Solutions at an associated university. To apply successfully, you’ll have to satisfy both the employer’s and the associated university’s recruitment and entry requirements. These will usually be explained on the employer’s recruitment web pages.

Find out which employers and universities across the UK are currently offering industry accredited Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeships.