Key Stage 2 to 3 for Girls

TechFuture Girls clubs

TechFuture Girls clubs make it easy for teachers to inspire 9 to 14 year-old girls about technology. Girls can experience the fun side of the digital world through creative projects based on real-life challenges from industry.

Schools typically use the resources to run informal sessions for between 30 and 60 minutes, at lunchtime or after school. The resources are mapped to the KS2 and 3 curriculum and give girls the opportunity to work with their friends on activities themed around music, sport, charity work and dance. Through these activities, girls not only learn skills such as coding, cyber security and 3D design, but also softer skills such as team work and communication.

Schools can access TechFuture Girls FREE, thanks to Platinum sponsor Hewlett Packard Enterprise and supporting sponsor National Grid. 


Through TechFuture Girls, schools get:

  • Access to 10 learning topics, including over 60 hours of online and more than 150 hours of offline activities
  • Unlimited access at home for all staff and students in the school
  • A ‘getting started’ pack, including a hard copy of the Getting Started Guide and posters to help advertise the club around school
  • Access to a dedicated club facilitator area where teachers can manage their student members and reward them with credits and certificates, plus support materials to help prepare for and deliver clubs.

Visit the TechFuture Girls platform and discover the activities available.


Tried, Tested and Successful

Since 2005, more than 19,000 girls in over 1500 schools have experienced TechFuture Girls.

Get started

Step 1: Sign-up to start using the resources here – Registration takes minutes and you’ll have instant access to all our resources.

Step 2: Once registered, you’ll be able to register your students as TechFuture Girls members.

Step 3: Order your ‘Getting Started’ guide with lots of tips on getting your club started as well as a detailed breakdown of each of the TechFuture Girls learning topics, plus posters to help you advertise your club around school and stickers for your club members. The pack is completely free and will help you get your club off to the best start.

NB – As a teacher/club coordinator, you can request the assistance of an experienced TechFuture Ambassador, ie a tech or digital professional from across the sector who volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people. Find out more about TechFuture Ambassadors.