TechFuture Ambassadors

Visits from tech and digital professionals

As a teacher/club coordinator, you can request the assistance of an experienced TechFuture Ambassador.

TechFuture Ambassadors are tech and digital professionals from across the sector who volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people about the exciting career opportunities in tech, and to help them learn valuable digital skills and knowledge.

Find a TechFuture Ambassadors through one of our three partner organisations below. 

 Founders4Schools logo

Schools and colleges can connect to business leaders from the Founders4Schools network by logging onto and getting instant access to local employers

 Inspiring the Future logo

Primary, secondary schools and colleges can connect to Inspiring the Future employers who will offer a careers session for you, and you can connect up electronically at

 STEM Ambassadors logo

If you are a secondary school teacher and would like help from a STEM Ambassador to inspire your students, talk to your local STEM Ambassador contract holder or go to (click on request a STEM ambassador)