TechFuture Ambassadors

Shining the spotlight on tech careers

TechFuture Ambassadors are tech and digital professionals from across the sector who volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people about the exciting career opportunities in tech, and to help them learn valuable digital skills and knowledge.

It’s easy to sign up – and once you do, we’ll match you with the programme that best suits your skills and preferences. You’ll be part of the UK-wide community which includes hundreds of TechFuture Ambassadors – and you’ll be able to share and compare experiences with other ambassadors through news updates and networking events.

TechFuture Ambassadors is generously supported by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


Why become an Ambassador?

There’s a massive digital skills challenge in the UK.

It’s estimated the UK needs 1.4 million new tech and digital professionals over the next decade to fulfil demand, but too few young people are choosing tech careers. It’s especially challenging to attract girls into tech: did you know that only 16% of all tech specialists are female – a number that hasn’t changed in ten years? Research by the Tech Partnership and Nesta suggests the problem may be related to a lack of inspiration and education. 82% of school-age children say they are interested in learning more about technology outside the curriculum, yet only 1 in 60 has access to digital learning opportunities outside the classroom.

By becoming a TechFuture Ambassador, you can help meet this challenge by:

  • Encouraging and developing the next generation of young talent into tech careers.
  • Spreading knowledge about your business and the tech roles within it to local young people.
  • Being part of a growing national network of peers who are making a long-term, positive contribution to the future of the tech sector.

What’s involved in being an Ambassador?

Because every TechFuture Ambassador has different talents and preferences, there’s no one way to be a great Ambassador – you choose what suits you best. By registering as an Ambassador, you can volunteer through one of the following organisations:

Careers & Enterprise Company

Inspiring the future
STEM Ambassadors

Some of the ways you could get involved:

  • Devote an hour a year to inspire school students with the story of how you got into tech.
  • Help run or support an after-school club for girls to get them excited about tech.
  • Build a partnership between a local school and your company to help equip its students with digital skills and identify future talent.


Sign up as a TechFuture Ambassador and you’ll receive:

  • A regular newsletter to keep you in touch
  • Ideas, tips and tools that will help you make the most of your school visits.
  • Invitations to Ambassador events – informal social occasions where you can hear from industry leaders, share your experiences and meet ambassadors from across the tech sector.


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