Reasons girls are less likely to pursue tech careers


The Tech Partnership recently commissioned innovative research among girls, parents, teachers and tech professionals, to uncover the reasons girls are less likely to pursue tech education and careers.

The research, generously supported by BT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tata Consultancy Services, painted a rich picture of girls’ thoughts and beliefs, and also proposed and tested a range of interventions that can make a difference to girls’ ambitions. Over the next few months, the Tech Partnership will be working with employers to bring these to life.


Some key findings:

  • Tech is not a traditional career choice and that choosing it takes courage and determination.
  • Adult support and validation really matter to girls who are considering this choice – and it needs to be delivered consistently and over time.
  • Girls focus on outcomes: they are interested in the tangible results of digital progress, rather than the detail of the technologies that achieve them.


Download the summary report and the full report.