Solution Development and Implementation

For an overview of the standards titles, access the index (54kb).

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Please note the DevOps and User-Centred Development Activities standards are new standards, published in April 2016.

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Level 2 (foundation) Level 3 (0-2 years) Level 4 (3-5 years) Level 5 (6-9 years) Level 6 (10+ years)
Systems Development ESKITP5013 ESKITP5014 ESKITP5015 ESKITP5016
Software Development ESKITP5022 ESKITP5023 ESKITP5024 ESKITP5025 ESKITP5026
IT/Technology Solution Testing ESKITP5032 ESKITP5033 ESKITP5034 ESKITP5035 ESKITP5036
Systems Integration ESKITP5043 ESKITP5044 ESKITP5045 ESKITP5046
IT Technology Systems Installation ESKITP5053 ESKITP5054 ESKITP5055 ESKITP5056
Software Development Process Improvement ESKITP5063 ESKITP5064 ESKITP5065 ESKITP5066
DevOps (new) TECIT50731 TECIT50741 TECIT50751 TECIT50761
User-Centred Development Activities (new) TECIT50831 TECIT50841 TECIT50851 TECIT50861