IT Service Management and Delivery

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Level 2 (foundation) Level 3 (0-2 years) Level 4 (3-5 years) Level 5 (6-9 years) Level 6 (10+ years)
IT/Technology Service Operations and Event Management ESKITP7012 ESKITP7013 ESKITP7014 ESKITP7015 ESKITP7016
IT/Technology Service Helpdesk and Incident Management ESKITP7022 ESKITP7023 ESKITP7024 ESKITP7025 ESKITP7026
IT/Technology Problem Management ESKITP7032 ESKITP7033 ESKITP7034 ESKITP7035 ESKITP7036
IT Application Management/Support ESKITP7042 ESKITP7043 ESKITP7044 ESKITP7045 ESKITP7046
IT/Technology Management and Support ESKITP7052 ESKITP7053 ESKITP7054 ESKITP7055 ESKITP7056
Availability Management ESKITP7062 ESKITP7063 ESKITP7064 ESKITP7065 ESKITP7066
IT/Technology Capacity Management ESKITP7072 ESKITP7073 ESKITP7074 ESKITP7075 ESKITP7076
Change and Release Management ESKITP7082 ESKITP7083 ESKITP7084 ESKITP7085 ESKITP7086
IT/Technology Service Catalogue and/or Service Level Management ESKITP7092 ESKITP7093 ESKITP7094 ESKITP7095 ESKITP7096
IT/Technology Asset and Configuration Management ESKITP7102 ESKITP7103 ESKITP7104 ESKITP7105 ESKITP7106
Supplier Management ESKITP7112 ESKITP7113 ESKITP7114 ESKITP7115 ESKITP7116
Technical Evaluation/Support ESKITP7122 ESKITP7123 ESKITP7124 ESKITP7125 ESKITP7126
Relationship Management ESKITP7133 ESKITP7134 ESKITP7135 ESKITP7136
Monitoring Service Level ESKITP7143.01 ESKITP7144.01