Resources for Students


TechFuture Classroom provides curriculum resources to help primary and secondary school teachers inspire their students about the limitless opportunities in tech. The materials are created by leading tech-sector employers, focusing on real-life challenges and digital skills needs as well as supporting computing and computer science qualifications including GCSEs and A-levels.  

Resources for students include projects on coding in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, cyber security materials for Key Stage 3 students, and Bites which are short taster activities based on a selection of employer challenges.

Included as one of the resources is Countdown to Chaos – an interactive simulation, played against the clock to find the mastermind behind a cyber-attack, giving students a taste of life working in the cyber industry. Designed for 11-14 year olds, this exciting resource places your students in role of the Government’s counter-security chief. Through a mix of news flashes, instant messaging and challenges, students will be the decision-maker to direct, and stop the hacker. It’s flexible, and can be completed either as a class-based activity or by providing students with individual access so they can work on it at home or in an after-school club.

TechFuture Classroom is unique in offering authentic, academic learning that engages students and gives them insight into industry; improving their tech skills and their overall employability.

All TechFuture Classroom resources are available via the Tech Partnership’s Learning Platform.