Oscar Smith, Lloyds apprentice

by Oscar Smith, Lloyds apprentice


I left high school with A-Levels in Maths, Economics, Physics and Psychology, so if you’d have asked me back then whether or not I thought I would end up working IT, the answer would have been no.

I was always interested in how things worked, were made, and generally what made the world tick. It wasn’t until I finished sixth form that I started to take a greater look at the world around me, at which point I realised IT is one of the biggest influences on the planet. For example you sit on the London tube and no one speaks, if you speak you’re almost the ‘odd one’, purely because everyone is too busy on their mobile phones, iPods and tablets.

It became clear to me that IT and the technology industry was the way forward. Everything is about technology now and finding ways to provide faster and more efficient business processes.

The debt from university didn’t really appeal to me and when I was looking around for jobs, I stumbled upon the IT apprenticeship offered by Lloyds Banking Group. ‘Hey presto!’, I thought. Maths and computers are 2 things I’m really good at.

Until you actually have a career in IT, I don’t think you realise how vast the spectrum is for different roles. From development to project management there will always be something for you to do within IT. The thing I like about it most of all is that the skills you learn are transferable across many different industries. It is very rare to enter an office nowadays that doesn’t have an IT support team.

When I first joined the Group I thought I would only stay in IT for a little while and then move on once the apprenticeship was over. But now I feel really settled in. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.


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