Alex Webb, Apprentice at Digital3rd

by Alex Webb, Apprentice at Digital3rd


Ever since I was little technology amazed me. Growing up surrounded by the huge advancements in technology every day has humbled me to the potentials of it, and since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a part of the development.

In July, after my first year of University studying History and Politics, I was faced with thousands of pounds of debt and with the prospect of finishing a degree that, after a long year, I decided was not practical, engaging or beneficial enough.  

I made the decision to drop out and pursue an apprenticeship. Although I was 20 and older than most apprentices, I always knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship; the concept of earning, working and learning was a very attractive proposal to me.

After weeks of looking around and receiving one rejection after another, I decided to narrow down my search to an IT apprenticeship. It was always what I wanted to do but never thought I was knowledgeable enough. I came across one at Digital Native, applied, and I was invited to meet the team.  

Immediately after meeting the directors at Digital Native I knew that it was with them that I would start my tech career. I immediately began work for their daughter company, Digital3rd – a social enterprise that delivers IT and digital services.

Since then, I’ve not looked back. Working on the job has been an eye opening experience for me. Now, daily, I am learning more and more skills and developing upon them. I’ve worked in most sectors of the business, from hardware fixing to social media development.

Not only have I learned all a range of new skills technology wise, but I’ve developed as an adult and employee of a business exponentially within the last 2 months. I’ve had the opportunity to regularly meet with clients, discussing their aims and expectations, and compose service catalogues for our clients.

12 months ago I was spending thousands of pounds on a degree I didn’t want to do, now I am earning money, learning skills and establishing newfound ingenuity daily. My problem-solving skills, technology knowledge and general professionalism have vastly improved. I will finish my apprenticeship with great qualifications and fantastic experience that will help me find my feet in the IT and technology world.

When I finish my time at Digital3rd, I will have the right experience I need to progress and the qualifications that will make me incredibly employable in the IT industry. During the time I have remaining on my apprenticeship I will hope to narrow down and define the area I want to work in, in the future. One thing I am certain of however is that I belong in technology and IT.


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