Manuel, apprentice with Concert Networks

By Manuel, support engineer with Concert Networks


My passion for IT started when I was at high school. I was always interested in technology and how it was changing continuously. At school I thoroughly enjoyed my ICT classes, learning about different programmes and how to solve IT problems, as well as learning the parts of a computer and putting those parts together. At school I was taught about web design and technical support.

It was when I was at school I found a passion for technical support and engineering, which I preferred over my other subjects. Back at home I would dismantle my own devices, to learn how they work and how they would go back together. At high school I achieved 8 A*-C grades in my GCSE’s, and I wanted to continue my education to learn new skills and to develop.

I attended a college open evening and when I was at the open evening I came across an opportunity to become an IT apprentice. The apprenticeship role appealed to me because I would be receiving an income while developing knowledge and experience within IT. I also find that I learn best when I can practically apply my skills.

I was accepted for the role as an IT Apprentice at Concert Networks, where I achieved a distinction in IT Systems and Networking Level 3, which is an NVQ. The NVQ apprenticeship has enabled me to develop my skills and knowledge. I did a lot of hands on training, which allowed me to absorb a lot more information, as I prefer to learn in a practical environment. Within the apprenticeship I learnt about; installation, configuration and how to upgrade software.

Everything I have learnt, has helped me progress in my job, and I have been given more responsibility. At Concert I am a 2nd line support engineer on the service desk and I have helped install new hosted telephony solutions. The telephony solution improved the efficiency of call handling. I have helped design the route the call makes before it reaches the customer.

I am so happy that I took the apprenticeship with Concert, because they have given me many opportunities and have continued to help me with my development. I am now working towards my IT Systems & Networking Level 4. The level 4 is a higher apprenticeship and it allows me to build upon my current IT knowledge and it will prepare me for when I take on a higher-level of responsibility within the company. The knowledge I will gain will allow me to move into a team leader or project manager role within an organisation.

In the future I hope to be a team leader on a support desk or a technical support engineer and work my way up to be project manager.

Overall the apprenticeship has been challenging, yet rewarding and has opened many doors. I would advise anyone who is looking into a career in technology to look into an apprenticeship as you will gain a lot of experience, which you may not be able to learn in the classroom and it will open many doors to different roles and opportunities.


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