Joseph Kajdi, apprentice with iProTech

by Joseph Kadji, Business Executive with iProTech

Towards the end of my time at Secondary School, I wasn’t too sure on what career path I wanted to take. However, after gaining 8 A*-C GCSE’s I was advised to continue my education on at sixth form to increase my career options.

At sixth form, the courses that I chose to do were Media and Travel and Tourism.

I thoroughly enjoyed my media course, as it was more hands on compared to other theoretical courses offered by my sixth form. The programme entailed video editing, filming and Photoshop, this is when I realised that I wanted to pursue media as a career.

I knew that university wasn’t the route for me as I didn’t want to carry on in full time education, but I did want to carry on learning, and knew that I wanted to do something in media.

I attended a local careers fair and came across an option for an IT apprenticeship. After finding out more information from the people on the stall, I was asked to come down for an interview. I prepared for my interview by researching the company and exactly what their speciality was.

They then accepted me for the role as an IT apprentice, where I worked towards my level 3 qualification in IT, telecoms and communication.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the role that I was in but after a couple of weeks I got to know the people in the office I started to settle in well and stood out within my role in the company. During my apprenticeship I learnt about software development, web and gaming development, my favourite part of the apprenticeship was being able to have a responsibility in a large company.
Until I started my apprenticeship in the IT sector I didn’t realise how much freedom I had, and the skills that I learnt meant I could transfer these into day to day activities, as well as my future career.

The freedom of the apprenticeship with iProTech allowed me to explore different options and opportunities within the IT industry to find out what best suits my skill set.

I love working in the technology sector as the industry is forever changing, so it never gets tedious or dull. There is always something to learn as well, and so many different people to speak to in the office about what they do as a career.
I’ve now completed my apprenticeship and it has led me to work within the company as a business development executive. In the future I want to further my career as a development executive in the technology sector.


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