Joseph Harris, apprentice with Advanced Computer Software Group

By Joseph Harris, apprentice with Advanced Computer Software Group

I am currently doing an apprenticeship with the web development team here at Advanced Computer Software Group. This involves developing and maintaining the company’s websites, working with the Content Management Systems and finding a solution to any issues/bugs that are found on the websites.

I was inspired to get into the tech industry when I was at school where I really enjoyed IT, during GCSE and then A-Level, where I learnt how to create websites. I also taught myself how to code in HTML and CSS in my spare time.

I evaluated my options for what to do after school and decided the best way for me to carry on doing what I loved was to get an apprenticeship, allowing me to build on my existing skills in a work environment.

I applied to QA apprenticeships and after an interview and passing a few tests, they applied to companies seeking apprentices in Web Development on my behalf, eventually finding Advanced Computer Software Group. So far during my apprenticeship with the group, I have learnt how to write C#, how to use different CMSs and the basics of Google Analytics.

My advice for other young people looking to start a career in the tech industry would be that Qualifications from school are important, but you need something to separate yourself from the crowd. For me it was teaching myself HTML5 and CCS3, it gave me the edge to get the apprenticeship. But another very important thing is during the interview, you have to be yourself.

Apprenticeship interviews often have a less formal atmosphere, you will be encouraged to talk about why you want to work in the industry. If you seem enthusiastic, willing to learn and they perceive you to be a friendly person who would be a great addition to the team, you will be more likely to get the job. Also, researching the company beforehand is key.

Not researching the company is the 4th most common reason people fail interviews behind not maintaining eye-contact, poor presentation and not stating why you want the job.

I personally love working in the tech industry because I get to use the latest technologies with the most up-to-date software, such as Adobe CC and Visual Studio 2015. I also get to work in a field I really enjoy and don’t mind waking up every morning to go to work as the job I do is my dream job.


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