I thought I’d have to abandon my dream of a tech career, until I found my apprenticeship


I have had an interest in Tech for as long as I can remember. It started at the young age of 11, when I got my very first computer and within minutes my interest had sparked. That computer was one of my main hobbies, something that I would use use on a daily basis. Whether it was homework or games, I still loved it. From then it was something I always wanted to learn more about. 

My passion for computers grew from this, and that passion carried on right through secondary school, where I did an ICT GCSE and was able to learn a lot more about IT. It allowed me to see how things work, how computers were made and even the coding of them.

I went on to carry on building this knowledge outside of school, by learning more about my own computer at home and how I could improve it. Then I started to write programmes and come up with my own games that I made myself.

Out of secondary school, I went into college and again followed my appetite for computing, choosing a computing and computer modelling course. This is something that I loved as it allowed me to develop my knowledge much further and increased my interest in the codeing side of IT.

By discovering a hobby in something that I loved, it allowed me to focus on my interests and strengths giving me a clear path and allowing me to avoid factors such as peer pressure, which can happen at college. I continued to study tech throughout college, growing my skills base. By this point I felt confident about a lots of aspects of tech. I often found that tech was a means of escapism and allowed me to relax.

Once I had finished college I found that I had very little direction in terms of where and how to progress. I was unsure of the options I had and I felt that there was very little opportunities in my local area. I throught I was not going to be able to carry on perusing a tech career and was worried I was going to take a job that I wouldn’t enjoy.

I also had pressure from my family to going into catering, which most of them are involved in. However, I hit gold when I came across Ginger Nut Media, where I took an apprenticeship working in the IT department. This was something that was perfect for me. I loved the role and the work that I was doing as it was what I had wanted to do for some time. Ginger Nut Media tailored the role and my apprenticeship around me, making it the perfect job for me and allowing me to build my future in tech.


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