Josh Harper, ISD Apprentice at Asda

by Josh Harper, ISD Apprentice at Asda


I started building computers in my bedroom when I was 12 years old, always striving to improve my creations and build bigger and better machines. Technology is something that I have always been interested in and I always wanted the latest gadgets, to stay up-to-date.

Even though I loved technology, I never saw it as a career path that I wanted to follow – I always dreamed of being an airline pilot. When I left school I applied for every engineering apprenticeship I could find but eventually I decided to stay in college and study for a Level 3 in ICT, which sent me down the IT path. 

I was working in an Asda store when I applied for the ISD Apprenticeship scheme. I was delighted when my application was accepted and I moved to Asda House to join the ICT department where I am currently working in a business administration role.

The most interesting part of my job is liaising with other areas of the business to make sure they can get a worthwhile solution which is within our capabilities. I help out on different projects such as improving the systems in our home shopping sites to help them cope with demand at peak times. My proudest moment at work was creating a TV dashboard which allows the whole of ISD to view the latest statistics and figures relating to the department.

My tech hero is Apple’s Chief Design Officer Sir Jonathan Ive. There are loads of reasons why but one of the main reasons is the great design he brings to technology. He makes sure that the products he creates are appealing to the eye while containing some of the most advanced technology around. I would love to know how he fits a camera, a mobile phone, an iPod and a wallet into a 7.1mm device.

In the future I can see thinner, lighter, faster and more eco-friendly technology built by large companies working collaboratively. If I could be involved in building one piece of technology it would be designing batteries for mobile devices, as this is an area where there is so much room for innovation and improvement.

I would advise anyone who is interested in working in technology to apply for an apprenticeship – it is a great way to learn while doing the job. At Asda there are lots of different roles and areas in the ICT department, which means there is a little bit of something for everyone. 


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