I felt intimidated going for a career in IT

By Luke Tonks, Apprentice at OGL Computer

I finished school at 16 years of age not really knowing what I wanted to do – I considered various different careers options. During my school life I had the opportunity to take part in a school programme which allowed me to do a business and administration apprenticeship alongside my core GCSE subjects, and this gave me an early insight into the world of apprenticeships.

After finishing my apprenticeship at school I took a different route; having enjoyed cooking from an early age I pursued the idea to become a chef. I attended college for one year, and was offered the role as assistant chef at a restaurant on the outskirts of Worcester. During the period that I moved around different catering based jobs, I spent my spare time on computers trying to teach myself how to code. I used the well-known coding website Code Academy, and this gave me a real taste of what I could be learning and getting involved with in the IT world.

My natural understanding of IT is something my family and friends have always noticed, and they have constantly encouraged me to go towards a career in this field. I never had the right opportunity to go for a career in IT and felt intimidated going for the complete change in career. Fortunately, my twin sister Amy was working at an IT company called OGL Computer and she mentioned that they were looking to recruit an apprentice.

After attending an initial assessment with TDM Wyre Academy I got a phone call from OGL offering me the position of Application Support Engineer apprentice. I thought there couldn’t be a better place to kick start my IT career than at OGL Computer: I’ve never regretted that decision and continue to thrive, learn and develop. I love that with an apprenticeship you can learn and earn, which for me is a major reason to prefer it to full time education.


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