For anyone interested in IT, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship

By Jonathan Edwards, IT Apprentice at Asda

I had always wanted to work in IT so when Asda invited me for an assessment day for a place on their ISD Apprenticeship scheme I was nervous but excited about the prospect of working for such a large company.

Unfortunately, the only assessment date was when I was on holiday but it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss and I booked an earlier flight home. I could only get a plane to Glasgow the day before the assessment, meaning I had to jump on a train to Leeds. A journey that is normally seven hours door-to-door took me 24 hours.

I wanted this job so much that I even prepared my presentation on holiday. My parents both work for large companies and I have seen the opportunities that they have had and how their hard work has seen them develop within their organisations.

I was really excited when I received the call to tell me I had been successful. I have always wanted to work in an IT business area and now I am doing it for real. I thought my first proper job would be daunting and scary but the team have helped and supported me so much. I can’t believe how much I have learned in my first month.

I am currently working in the ISD Major Incident Team. My job title is Major Incident and Problem Management (Apprentice). We manage major incidents such as the internal network going down at Asda House. A situation like that could have a big impact on the business and our customers so we aim to find a solution as soon as possible.

The thing I enjoy the most about this department is the fact that you never know what is coming next. You have no idea when incidents are about to happen but when they do you need to act fast and solve the problem quickly. It’s fast-paced exciting and I don’t think I’ve had two days the same since I started.

As an apprentice I will get to experience all the different areas in ISD. I am looking forward to getting involved in new developments; making sure we can offer the best possible service to our customers by using innovative technology and, of course, staying ahead of our competitors.

For anyone interested in IT, I would definitely recommend it. Find out what is out there and take the opportunity. Don’t think you need to know everything – the desire to do well and an eagerness to learn is what you need.

IT is where the future is and to start so young is amazing. I love my job and I hope to be extremely successful as I continue my career with Asda.


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