Ellie Maunders, Apprentice at John Lewis

by Ellie Maunders, Apprentice at John Lewis


From a young age, I’ve watched technology change at a fast pace. from TVs becoming flat screen, phones becoming wireless to internet shopping. I have always loved the buzz surrounding technology and for as long as I can remember I have always been intrigued with the developments to ICT.

In September 2013, I started an 18-month technology apprenticeship within John Lewis Head Office as a group of eight (seven boys and me). The apprenticeship helped me gain valuable experience within a variety of Infrastructure teams as well as gaining IT qualifications with an external training provider.

From March 2015, I have been working as a full time Infrastructure Engineer within the server team at John Lewis. My role involves completing high-level data migrations and creating/configuring servers for our website. I even helped in the preparation for Black Friday and our Christmas Peak.

Looking back over the last two years I would say the apprenticeship has not only helped me grow technically but has also taught me to believe in myself and to be confident in what I do and how I present myself to others. It has also taught me to always strive to do the best for myself and the business in which I work.

The apprenticeship has fast-tracked my career, helping me to grow and develop into new roles while being fully supported by trained and experienced engineers. I hope my story inspires more females to start a career within technology. I’m certainly glad I did. 

In the future I would love to work within Business Protection using intelligent systems to track fraud and phishing.


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