Derry Griffiths, apprentice at OGL

by Derry Griffiths, OGL apprentice


I have always had a keen interest in technology in general. It started when I got my first iPod touch. I would spend hours taking it apart and putting it back together, or trying to install different software on it, and my interest grew from there.

As for working in IT – it just seemed like the best thing for me, due to my keen interest in tech, and the fact that it plays such a massive part in the world today. Almost every business is becoming more involved with tech in some way.

An apprenticeship was always something I’d loved the idea of from the moment I first heard about them in school because you can actually learn through working and qualification – all while being paid. The thought of going to university never appealed to me due to the hefty amount of debt attached, and I heard an alarming amount of stories where people left university only to find that they struggle to get a job.

In that time taken to study a degree I have been building up my work skills to make me more employable. That is the key difference between the two that I always felt.  In university I might learn things that will hopefully get me a good grade on a piece of paper, whereas in my apprenticeship, I’m learning key skills that I will use throughout my life, and I also get a grade at the end of it.

I enjoy my apprenticeship at OGL, it is a Tech Industry Gold apprenticeship programme with TDM Wyre Academy. I get to be in a real workplace with real people, and it’s a great way to get used to the transition from college to work. It has really helped me to come out of my shell a lot more too. Everyone involved in my training is extremely supportive and understanding and always happy to help.

In the future I plan to see what options I have with my current employer OGL, as I have spent quite a lot of time visiting lots of different departments and there is just so much that you can do in the technology sector the limits are endless.  


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