Tech Industry Gold programmes deliver exceptional employment, academic and diversity outcomes.


Full time Tech Industry Gold Degrees

There are over 1,100 undergraduates on full time Tech Industry Gold degrees in 15 universities.

From these accredited degrees:

Consistently over 80% of graduates gain 1sts or 2:1s – 85% in 2017, compared to 70% for computing degrees overall

There is less than half the unemployment of computing overall six months after graduation (3% v 8% in 2017).

There is more than double the proportion of females compared to computing degrees overall (36% v 14% in 2017).


Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeships

There are over 1,200 degree apprentices on Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships, employed by more than 80 companies, supported by 27 universities.

The first cohort of 23 degree apprentices graduated in 2017 with 96% achieving 1sts / 2:1s.

The proportion of females on Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships is 24% (2017), higher than full time computing degrees overall (14%) and the digital workforce overall (17%) .